Email Aliases with Gsuite: Have multiple email addresses for the same $5/month

Today’s lesson is all about Email Aliases.

You’re probably thinking: “Huh?”

First, a definition: An email alias is simply a forwarding email address (according to Wikipedia).

In practice, it looks like this:

My main email address is However- sometimes I need to use another branded email address (the part).

Maybe I’m testing an email funnel for a client, and I can’t use the same email address more than once.

Maybe I’m tired of typing my name twice.

Maybe I’m signing up for a second free trial of subscription that I forgot all about the first time, and still don’t want to pay for (Don’t judge- you know you’ve done it!).

In those situations, I set up a second email address that goes to the same account, such as

Then, any email that gets sent to goes to the same inbox as

Bottom line: Email aliases let you look like you have more than one email address, while only paying for one email inbox.

Ok, but how do I actually set up an email alias?

Glad you asked! Every Gsuite account is assigned a primary address. This is the address that appears by default when you send mail. However, you can also have up to 30 email aliases that receive (and send) mail. 

What does this actually look like? 

I log into one account- However, that inbox contains all mail sent to: 

The total cost? $5/month. 

Wait, why would I set up email aliases again? I don’t need to test sales funnels.

Here’s the biggest reason you should START with email aliases: To separate your name from your admin email! 

When a company is small or starting, one or two people are typically in charge of email. 

Let's say you take orders via email, and one customer, Jerry, always emails in an order every week.  

If you have Jerry email "", it's great! 

Until, that is, you hire an assistant to handle the orders. 

Now, you want Jerry to email his orders to "", but Jerry just never remembers. And because you have so much email to sort through, sometimes his orders get submitted late. 

However- if you had set up an email alias in the beginning, Jerry could have always emailed ""- and wouldn't have known the difference when your assistant took over that email address! 

The best part? You never have to check or pay for more than one inbox per person. 

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Tori Cox