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Do you know what’s holding your business back?

I’ll peek behind the curtain of your business, diagnose the issues, and make sure you know exactly what to fix and what to stop wasting time on.


 Breathe new life into your business.

A lot of people created their small businesses with an inspired idea and a lot of optimism. And for a while—while they were in the honeymoon phase—that worked just fine.

But now? Things feel different.

Not enough people are coming to their website.
Not enough people are taking action when they do.
Not enough people are connecting with them on their newsletter or social channels.
And not enough people are buying what they sell.

To top it off, they feel like they’re fighting with technology and time to get anything done!

If your beloved business has become a daily white-knuckle-a-thon, I can help.


The Money Mapping Report is a done-for-you business upgrade plan.

I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your business blind spots and give you a prioritized list to help you get more done and make more money, more easily. With your Money Mapping Report, you can stop wasting time in overwhelm and start focusing on what truly matters to your success!

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I’ve helped people at every stage of business get to the next level.

  • Built several membership websites from zero to $5,000+/month

  • Designed client websites for SharkTank appearances

  • Underwritten multi-millions as a credit analyst at a business bank

  • Helped grow a private therapy practice from a one-man shop to a $250k+/year business

  • Implemented systems to keep client income steady while on vacation

I’m an authorized Squarespace trainer and designer, but I’m also an experienced business consultant.

I have an accounting degree and have spent the past eight years helping hardworking people significantly improve their business operations—because being in business for yourself should be a happy thing. With the right plan and systems, it really can be!


Here’s how it works:


The Groundwork

I'll assign pre-work (a digital workbook) that helps me understand your situation.

The Interview

We'll have a 90-minute phone session where I'll ask questions, take notes, and help you define some realistic goals

The Research

Based on your pre-work and interview session, I'll get to work crunching numbers, researching tools, and strategizing a specific action list to help you correct what's out of alignment in your business

The Report

You'll recieve your Money Mapping Report via email.

The Follow-Up

We'll hop on another call. In this 30-minute phone session I'll clarify anything from the report that feels fuzzy. I'll answer your questions and make sure you're pointed in the right direction—ready to take prioritized strategized action toward goals that create fresh results!


 What my clients say…

Tori is a creative problem solver who understands the underlying business and marketing challenges.
— Jeff Yurek,
Tori’s depth of knowledge about how online business should work is substantial, and she knows how to streamline it to make it more fluid for the business and the consumer simultaneously.
— Andrea Wool,

Tired of wondering, guessing, and feeling stuck?

Money Mapping is a $750 investment towards getting unstuck.

Your Money Mapping Report will put an end to overwhelm with targeted insights and a clear action plan. You’ll get step-by-step guidance that aligns with your goals and is 100% do-able.

Curious if the Money Mapping Report is right for you?

Schedule a free consultation to see if Money Mapping is the best step for you + your business