Stop screaming at Squarespace, Volume Two: 6 more things to make your life easier


Here are six more tips and tricks to working with Squarespace without losing your mind. Miss the first volume? Click here to read it

1. How to hide a single page by password protecting the page.

This way, you are guaranteed no one sees a page you are still working on until you are good and ready.


2. Backup your form submissions to a google doc

Never lose form submissions in your email again! Requires a google/gmail account to setup.


3. Mobile/tablet preview mode

You don’t need to check your design on an actual phone to see how it will change- just use the preview modes to simulate both phones and tablets.


4. Paste as Plain Text

Copy and paste in content, but it looks kind of weird in Squarespace?

Try Pasting as Plain Text, and then formatting!


5. Embed code from other websites with the code block

Pro tip: Is your embedded code aligning weird? Center it by adding <center> BEFORE your code, and then </center> at the end of your code.


6. My biggest trick: Take a deep breath and count to 3

Here’s the thing- sometimes Squarespace is just slower than you. And when you move quickly (which happens more often once you know what you are doing!), Squarespace can’t always keep up. So on the rare days that things feel buggy, or it isn’t agreeing with you when you try to move things around, do what I do: Take a deep breath, and count to 3.

Squarespace will probably catch up with you, and you can go on without any more screaming at the computer.

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