Case Studies- Built in Squarespace

Case Studies help your potential clients trust you by showing them that you know your stuff. Take your Case Studies to the next level by following this simple checklist.



  1. Client Logo
    Make sure you have permission!

  2. Client Testimonial
    I like these questions:

  3. Images of Client Work / Product in Use (if applicable)

  4. The Challenge
    Background info on the project. Who was it for? What did they need help with? What was unique about this client or customer’s problems?

  5. Your Roles: 
    This is a section that can be very keyword-rich and still make sense. 
    Use titles and words that clients & customers would actually google/recognize. Example: 

  6. Your Approach
    What did your company/product do to help? 
    How did you help differently than another company would have? 

  7. Results/Impact
    What happened because of your work? Was there a positive impact? Any results that can be quantified? Any interesting results that can't be quantified?

  8. Highlight Section
    A place to highlight an interesting aspect or a client quote that is separated from the rest of the case study text, so that it calls more attention. Particularly useful to grab attention of people who are skimming instead of reading- so make it interesting! 

  9. Matching Call-to-Action
    If someone reads your case study, you know that they are interested in at least that topic. Use that info to make a customized call to action! If the case study is all about consulting work, end with a call to action for scheduling a free consult, or downloading a white paper on related topics. 

  10. Tags/Categories
    Helps users find other case studies that they would find most interesting. People interested in one case study will probably be interested in reading another case study for a similar client/customer or problem.  


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