Working With Tori

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

I am available at and (937) 985-0516. I strive to respond to all calls and emails within 1-2 working days.

How long does it take?

Projects can be completed as quickly as within two weeks. However, average projects take about a month, from design concepts to launch.

How do I pay you?

I accept credit, debit, Paypal and ACH payments online.

What will you use to build my website?

I work exclusively in Squarespace- my absolute favorite website platform.

What if I need extras that aren't listed on your service page?

Most services I offer are listed- but if you have something really special or unique in mind, let me know during our consultation.

Are there any other costs associated with having my website?

Yes- at a minimum, you will need to pay for a domain name (~$10/year) and a Squarespace plan (~$26/month).

I need a logo for my business- do you do logos?

No- but I do have some excellent recommendations! If you are interested in seeing my short list of logo designers (and a couple DIY/budget options)- please email me at

I need copy/text/content for my website- do you write content?

No- but I do have recommendations! Please email me at for details.

Your proposals and site mention working days. What is the difference between a working day and a business day?

Working days are days you can expect that I am in the office and working. While I am typically in the office Monday - Friday, I love to travel and typically have a few days every month blocked off.

You can always view days I will be in the office here:

What happens if my project is delayed?

Delays are a part of life! For most projects, delays do not result in additional charges. However, if a project is more than one week delayed due to slow feedback or content that has not been provided, your project may incur an additional charge.

How is a typical project structured?

Most projects follow my standard, three-phase structure that helps us streamline design without sacrificing quality:

  • Phase 1: Initial Design Concepts

    • Deliverables:  2 different designs of homepage (still images, above the fold)

    • Revisions: 1 major revision, 1 minor revisions*  

    • Payment: 50% due before phase starts. 

    • Timing: Next Booking Date Available (see banner above for dates!)

  • Phase 2: Initial draft of entire site

    • Deliverable:  First draft of entire site. May include placeholder text/images if content is not yet available.

    • Revisions: 1 major revision, 1 minor revisions*

    • Payment: 30% due before phase starts. 

    • Timing:  ~One week after concepts are approved.

  • Phase 3: Final version of site

    • Deliverable:  Entire, built-out site ready for launch. Final defined as published, or 30 days after completion of first draft, whichever comes first. 

    • Revisions: 2 minor revisions*

    • Payment: 20% due before phase starts. 

    • Timing: ~One week after drafts are approved.