Easy Mode: Blogging In Squarespace After I set it up




Tools Required

  • Squarespace Website

Skill Level:


STEP 0: Watch the Overview

Perfect for you if: you need to start or update a blog on Squarespace

Blogging in Squarespace is key for SEO. Use the template provided below and the how-to video & tutorial to painlessly start posting on Squarespace.  

Step 1: Write Your Blog Posts

Don’t write your blog posts in Squarespace!

There’s no version control on SquareSpace, so it’s easy to accidentally lost your work if you write directly into SquareSpace. Instead- I recommend drafting your posts in a Google Doc

Step 2: Add Your post

You can complete the step-by-step tutorial, or watch me complete the steps via screenshare. They are both outlining the same method!

Step By Step:



Video Walkthrough:

Tips, Tricks, and Resources:

  • Resources

Most blogs shine with images- but where do you find them? Below are my favorite sites for finding images- as well as a video showing you how to prepare the images so they look great and load quickly. 

Favorite FREE Site for Commercial Use: 

Favorite PAID Sites for Commercial Use: