Tools and Sites that Make Designing in Squarespace Easier


I’ve worked on 100+ websites in Squarespace, and tested a lot of tools. Below are some of my favorites!

Can you guess what website this is??

Can you guess what website this is??



  • Typekit

    • Typically less common than Google Fonts- some are available on Squarespace. You will need to purchase the fonts to use them in printed media or elsewhere on the internet.


    • All free for commercial use and available on Squarespace. You can sort by type & features. You do NOT need to purchase anything to use these fonts in printed media or elsewhere on the internet.

  • Fount

    • Find a cool font another website? Use Fount to see what fonts they are using!


  • Unsplash

    • High Quality, Free-for-Commercial-Use images. I always start here.

  • Stocksy

    • Expensive but amazing stock photos. These models don’t look like they are paid to be in these images. Images for web use run $15-$45.

  • Deposit Photos

    • Cheap, but you have to dig a bit more to find anything worth using.


    • Compress your images quickly!


  • Jumpchart

    • My favorite site content organizer so far. It’s about as easy to use as a word doc, but mimics the look and limitations of a website more accurately.

  • Trello

    • If you are visual person, Trello is the project management software for you! I know Asana gets a lot of love- but I hate it. Trello keeps everything front and center without being overwhelming.

  • Dubsado

    • An almost all-in-one for project management, client-facing systems, and CRM. Dubsado was a game changer for my business- I was able to cut the amount of time it took for me to draft a proposal for a client from ~3 hours to ~15 minutes.

Do you have a favorite tool not listed here? Let me know by emailing!*

*If you email me about Asana- I’ve got a song for you.