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About Tori

When it comes to a designer, you don’t need someone who knows how to make things pretty.

You need someone with:




Tori was committed to getting a lot of work done quickly. She did not milk the customer as she could have with lots of long discussion and questions. She gets down to business. We were able to share my ideas and her advice speedily and accurately. Her expertise with the squarespace platform is impressive, and during the screenshare she taught me tons. She helped me choose a template that really works and quickly familiarized me with its specifics. I am a designer and teacher (as well as being an artist) and I really appreciated her ability to lead me through and get me up and running on my site!
— Karin Stack,
Not only did she make my site look so much better in just 1 day- but after talking with her at length, I saw her vision for improving my product, and it was so good, I couldn’t help but go forward. Her depth of knowledge about how online business should work is substantial, and she knows how to streamline it to make it more fluid for the business and the consumer simultaneously. As a visionary founder with little tech knowledge, I love working with Tori, because I detail my vision to her, and she brings it to life, better than I could have even imagined. She is a dedicated partner to her clients, and will work tirelessly to make sure that deadlines are met. She is honest and gives great feedback, and I have come to trust her as my business confidante. She wants to see her clients succeed, and her cheerful disposition and impressive work ethic help to make that happen.
— Andrea Wool,

and a healthy dose of business sense… 

Hi Tori,

I want to thank you so much! While I was away in Europe for a month, my business grossed close to $5,000. This is about 3 times the amount it has done in previous years. So I didn't have to take my month off as a loss!